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      Shareholder FAQs

      Share Ownership/Dividends/Transfer Agent

      Q: Where are Caterpillar shares traded?

      Q: Can I buy or sell stock directly without going through a broker?

      Q: How can I hold shares of Caterpillar stock?

      Q: Who can answer questions about my share ownership?

      Q: Can I access my shareholder account information online?

      Q: Does the company pay dividends?

      Q: Does the company offer dividend reinvestment and direct deposit of dividends?


      Shareholder Meetings/Voting

      Q: When is the shareholder meeting held?

      Q: Does the company offer electronic delivery of proxy materials?

      Q: Can my shares be voted by telephone or the Internet?

      Q: How does the company solicit votes?

      Q: Who sends out my proxy materials?

      Q: How do I know which shares I am voting?

      Q: Why do I receive multiple copies of proxy materials?